Non-Texas State Park overnight

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Non-Texas State Park overnight

Postby Woodsman Wannabe » Sun Apr 16, 2017 11:48 am

Warning, this post is longer than the outing.... If that sort of thing offends you, well, just look at the pictures I guess...

Project decided on Wednesday the we were going to have a 4 day weekend for Easter. NOT going to pay last minute fare to fly home just to cut the grass, so I decide that I would break out my 30yr old tent once again.

One of the locals recommended Spring Mill State Park outside of Mitchell, IN (Home of Gus Grissom for the Space Flight crowd). OK, it is 100 miles drive, I got 4 days, sure, why not.

Well, after working Thursday night shift, I slept Friday away. I had planned to get up and out of the hotel, but no, that wasn't happening.

Saturday morning, I go to Cracker Barrel for a decent meal (something other than the fast food I been consuming for the last 6 weeks). Finish breakfast, it is a beautiful day. Check the forecast, good Saturday with T-storms rolling in Sunday. Not ideal, but I got 4 days off & really isn't good to sit in the hotel for that long....
Plug in the GPS... Nothin. No beeps, no screen, no "you really need to buy a new GPS" commercial. Dead, and no light on the charger when it is plugged in. OK, check the power outlet, air pump works, so not the fuse. Swing by Wally World and Best Buy, new charger $20, better fix it.... Yay, I got a Magellan screen....

Finally around noon (after a stop to buy a couple T-shirts and a pair of shorts), on the road. Then the obligatory stop to pick up a burger and fries for lunch and I'm on my way, finally. The drive felt like forever. Get there, they are on Eastern Time, I am on Central time, the Grissom Memorial closes at 4 and it is 2:30. OK, memorial first.

It is, small but informative and interesting. They have the capsule from Gemini III, the Molly Brown, and the suit he wore during the flight, along with some mementos from his childhood, like elementary school report cards (They really do follow you!) high school & Purdue U diplomas.
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Re: Non-Texas State Park overnight Continued

Postby Woodsman Wannabe » Sun Apr 16, 2017 12:02 pm

Cool, on to the camp ground... Attractive young lady says she has lots of camp sites available, drive in and pick one out, then we'll do the paper work. I lock up in an hour, so don't take too long... (Wait, you lock up the campground registration office at 4pm?!?!) Find a spot that isn't too close to the out house, but not too far away either. Go back and talk to the attractive young lady again, she takes $19 of my hard earned cash and gives me a bright pink thing to hang on the rear view.

Since it is a holiday weekend, and a hundred mile drive I have to go into town and get some supplies that I didn't purchase earlier just in case. Mitchell IN is NOT a booming metropolis. No Wally World, but they do have a Dollar General, and a small grocery store (actually 2). Grabbed pillow and roll of paper towels at DG. Go next door to the grocery, of course it is the smaller of the 2 in town. That is OK, I grab a bag of chips, hot dogs, buns and a couple thingys of yogurt. Crap, no cooler to put this stuff in, so back to DG to get cooler and ice.
On the way back I stop at a firewood vendor and give them $10 for 14 pieces of Indiana Dept Of Natural Resources Certified firewood. One of only a hand full of types allowed to be burned in the State Park.

Make my way back to the campground and start to set up. Of course the wind picks up about this time.... Since this is a family oriented forum, I'll spare you the specifics and expletives that may or may not have been uttered during the set up of the 30yr old tent.


Low and behold, it is 85 degrees and sunny, I did not hydrate properly and managed to get overheated during the said set up, so after it was complete I climbed in with a bottle of water and promptly took a nap (Might also have to do with having been working nights, but I wouldn't count on it). Woke up in time for the sun to be setting in what I can only assume to be the west.

I better get some dinner. Cool, I get to try out the Core4 stove I bought 2 years ago! Assemble the stove, split some of the firewood chunks into kindling and get out a piece of waxed dryer lint. Get the fire going then start to locate my pan, knife (which I finally found this morning while packing up), water and hot dogs.
Water in the pan and opened the dogs with the trusty P38, dinner was on its way. I quickly discovered that the stove, while nice, requires constant feeding and care, you can't go off and do other things while you dogs boil or they wont.

I had the wood and it was in the mid-50s so I lit a small camp fire using the coals from the stove.
The sun was down and I allowed the fire to burn out, just in time to see one of the 2 space stations fly overhead. Shortly there after I decided to turn in (hey I was alone, it's not like I had the attractive young lady from the registration office to talk to...)

Woke with the birds. The crisp cool air and the birds made it all worth while.
Used the trusty Whisperlite to boil water for grits and coffee (No, not that instant crap, used a silicone dohicky and a filter for a cup of drip brewed)...

Looked to the West North West and noted that the T-storms were not going to wait until afternoon, so I quickly packed up.

Took the scenic route out of the park and now I wish I had taken some photos. Absolutely beautiful.
If you are ever up in southwest Indiana and have some time, it is well worth the price of admission. They have several trails to hike and as the name implies, a water driven grist mill that they run a few times a year (schedule can be found online).
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Re: Non-Texas State Park overnight

Postby DBX » Sun Apr 16, 2017 2:37 pm

Great trip report, Woods.
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Re: Non-Texas State Park overnight

Postby BigJesse » Sun Apr 16, 2017 9:54 pm

Awesome report. Stay hydrated bud.
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Re: Non-Texas State Park overnight

Postby Woodsman Wannabe » Tue Apr 18, 2017 5:13 pm

Looking back on it, I realize that I spent way too much time talking about the "getting there" instead of the "being there". I tend to be a story writer. I will try to make more of the story about bushcrafty stuff in future reports. (assuming there is something to write about, which in this case, there wasn't)
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