Black Willow

What do you reach for when in the wild when you need first aid?
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Black Willow

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This tree has a lot of uses but I think its medicinal uses are the best. Salicylic acid is a precursor to asprin, meaning it is a base ingredient for pain relief. Not only that but it also acts as an astringent, constricting capillaries, controlling blood flow.

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Re: Black Willow

Post by Pointman »

Great job on the video! I would venture to add a couple of small points if I may. The chewed up plant material is sometimes referred to as a 'spit poultice' in many of the most popular medicinal plant guides. This is not the most sanitary method of preparation for open sores or wounds due to the amount of bacteria present in the human mouth. It is, however, the most expedient so there seems to be a trade off and would work well topically for rashes, and general soreness. A decoction can be made by simmering the plant material, with just enough water to cover, until the volume is reduced by half. At this point it can be used effectively as a wash or by adding a little beeswas at a time to get the desired consistency for a salve. Stored in a closed container or jar, the salve will last up to six months before beginning to lose its' potency. For tinctures I always use 100 proof vodka. Seems to be more stable as well as palatable but that's just me. Keep 'em coming Jesse!
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