A new addition: Cold Steel Maximum Kukri

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A new addition: Cold Steel Maximum Kukri

Post by SilverBinder »

Well my new Cold Steel Kukri came in today. I'm getting worried about Cold Steel. The blade is made in South Africa. It came as dull as a two by four! I also found the steel to be only as thick as the regular sized kukri's made by Cold Steel. Not the quality I've come to expect in Cold Steel products. Well I guess I'll have to spend several hours with stones and file to put and edge on this pry bar. If the steel won't take and edge, I guess I have another wall ornament. :x
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Re: A new addition: Cold Steel Maximum Kukri

Post by Andre Crawford »

I have been hearing this kind of thing about them more and more. I think they may have compromised quality for quantity unless of course your buying one there 400 dollar blades which probably make up the smallest portion of their sales base.
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Re: A new addition: Cold Steel Maximum Kukri

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Cold Steel quality is not what it use to be 10 years ago.
I have one of their older Gurkha Kukri when it was made with Carbon-V steel. I've had it about 20 years now.
It has been my everything knife up until 3 years ago, when I upgraded to a Himalayan Imports khukuri.

And I mean it was a substantial upgrade. As much as I like my old Cold Steel version, I always wished it was a little heavier, so I gave a handmade Nepalese khukuri a try & bought the M43 model from HI.

I never looked back. The 5160 spring steel of the M43 us unstoppable.
I still have my CS Gurkha Kukri, but it has been obsolete for 3 years now.

I use my HI M43 almost exclusively. Pretty much the only time I don't is when I'm using a saw or an axe.
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Re: A new addition: Cold Steel Maximum Kukri

Post by OMark »

That holds true with a lot of blades these days, it's a shame that so few manufactures care to keep up quality when they decide to have them made overseas.
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