Best Machetes in Texas

Khukuri, Bolo, Parang, etc
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Re: Best Machetes in Texas

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I have an Ontario machete that has been cut down to "14 and has the heavier blade. I removed the plastic handle pieces and wrapped the handle area with paracord. It feels much better in my hand and doesn't blister my pinky finger like the plastic ones did. I'm in North East Texas near Longview and spend a lot of time in the woods and swamps. I used this machete for a wide array of chores like clearing trails, building shelters, making trap sets and even digging sassafras. Since I shortened the blade it no longer fits the sheath so I plan to make a new one from PVC pipe.
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Re: Best Machetes in Texas

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I have to update this as the SOG is out, so is the big gerber parang. I have two new ones i use. I have the Gerber BG short parang and it is wonderful, one of the best items int he line as far as i have used. The other is a Kershaw camp 10, not really a machete as the blade is thicker but it is my Go to chopper most of the time now.
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Re: Best Machetes in Texas

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i use a parang most the time but i use my tramontina on occasion.


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Re: Best Machetes in Texas

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Tremontia for the win. X10

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