High Tech Cowboy Bedroll

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High Tech Cowboy Bedroll

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Howdy, partners!

I thought I would share some information on one of the smartest things I have ever bought.

This is a cowboy type bedroll produced by Ellis Canvas of Durango, Colorado.

I have been camping by truck and by land for several years now and this little rig has made life so much easier. I need to get better photos of my set-up as I have it now but what I found in my phone's roll will suffice.

A couple of years ago, I made a johnny cheapo mock-up of a cowboy bedroll using an 8x12 plastic tarp, a sleeping bag, pillow and a bunch of paracord to wrap it all up. The idea was to unravel the paracord which then unrolled the water resistant tarp and let the sleeping bag and pillow out to make for a dry campground to sleep in. I can't find photos but I used this on a few trips and it worked.

After that, I did some research and came across the Ellis Tent Company and the cowboy type bedroll they made and decided to give it the college try. The pictures will show the bedroll before I added all of my stuff in it and also how it rolled up before hand. Pay attention to the Border Collie who saw some bedding splayed out on the ground and decided it immediately belonged to her.

I'm not trying to sound like their sales agent but simply express how well their system worked for me. It is made of heavy duty, water-shedding canvas and is professionally sewn the whole way through. The fully enclosing zipper means I can leave it out at camp and not worry about bugs or rattlers crawling into my bedding. I have dumped a jug of water on their pre-treated canvas and it displaced all of it without issue.

In my personal set-up, I have a 1" foam mattress, a zero degree sleeping bag, a folded wool blanket and a comfortable full sized pillow in the bedroll and it is just as good of a night's sleep as I get indoors. With this cowboy bedroll, I can pitch the rig in the back of my truck camper or out under the stars, untie everything and be ready to go to bed in less than a minute. I have really enjoyed that. In the third picture you can see the wooden bed frame in the back of my truck and the bedroll on top of it. I have also used this in a tent for months at a time last summer and it has worked great.

I plan to get better pictures of my rig soon but wanted to share this with all of you. It's an older model, unique type of camping equipment but I have really enjoyed it. I will include a link to the Ellis Canvas company and endorse what they sell. They're good people.

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Re: High Tech Cowboy Bedroll

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Looks like that is the way to go. I guess you better go get you one now it seems like you have been evicted.
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Re: High Tech Cowboy Bedroll

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Nice, your dog likes it also.
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Re: High Tech Cowboy Bedroll

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Very cool.
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