Washing Wool?

Wool? Cotton? Crazy polymer hybrid?
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Re: Washing Wool?

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So I found a really dirty Puruvian Alpaca wool blanket at a thrift store about a week ago and decided it would be the test for dry cleaning. It was $20 to have it cleaned but they did an amazing job and had it back in 2 days. I beleive this will be my method for blankets. I still haven't braved one of my shirts in the wash yet and not real sure I will. I will check on a price for dry cleaning shirts and jackets. Since they don't need to be cleaned that often I may just go this route.
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Re: Washing Wool?

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I know when I was in the Navy, in Boot Camp, we were told to put are blue's in the shower to wash. No ill effects. Might been a special wool.
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Re: Washing Wool?

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We just washed a few Alpaca hoodies and a shawl before Christmas. My wife used hair shampoo in the shower, and they came out nicely clean, good smelling, and slightly softer as well. Laid flat on towels to air dry, and flipped after a day or so. Took a few days, but they did dry nicely.

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