The best tasting and cheapest backpacker dehydrated meals.

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Re: The best tasting and cheapest backpacker dehyrated meals

Post by Pointman » Wed Sep 21, 2016 7:27 am

They are not dehydrated. They are freeze dried at a very low heat and their patented process removes all the glucose making their shelf life 7 years! They are seriously worth a try. Your buds over at pakitgourmet has them too.

check it out....

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Re: The best tasting and cheapest backpacker dehydrated meal

Post by NeckRed Gringo » Wed Sep 21, 2016 10:14 am

Pointman wrote:Eggs are no problem if you get the right ones. Every other product uses a similar prep method except one. OVA-Easy.
These guys have a contract with the military and I'm here to tell ya you can't tell the difference between these "egg crystals" and real eggs. All the rest taste like paste. I've had Ova-Easy eggs several times before and just had some again while we were at DCNF. SD Woodsman can also attest to their tastiness cuz we both shared the same breakfast. All other products are "powdered" or "dehydrated", but Ova-Easy has a special process that results in right tasty scrambled eggs. Buy 'em on-line or get 'em at REI.
These eggs beat down the mountain house I've had in the past. Tasted great and couldn't tell they were dehydrated!

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