My ten items

If you could only choose 10 items what would they be and why?
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My ten items

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1 ESEE 6
2 Bahco laplander saw
3 Ferro rod (would prefer my whole fire kit)
4 Large heavy duty tarp
5 Hammock with built in mosquito net
6 Queen size wool blanket
7 32 oz SS canteen with nesting cup & lid (would prefer all of Pathfinder SS bottle cook set)
8 Paracord 200 foot roll
9 My personal IFAK
10 A huge bag of mixed dried beans with brown rice, to carry me till I can make tools for trapping/fishing and begin acquiring food.

Use wool blanket or tarp to roll up all gear, and use hammock webbing for straps, to carry load as a backpack. Maybe in time make backpack from skins or weaving baskets.

If items - 4,5,6 could be combined as shelter kit, then I would add :
- Sawyer mini water filter
- Food procurement kit containing snare wire, hooks, sinkers, maybe cork floats and fishing line.
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