EDC on my Belt

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EDC on my Belt

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Much to say about EDC. Apologies if you were looking for a short read. I hope the three pictures show up -- unclear if I am doing this right.

I have been carrying this same basic kit on my belt for 35+ years.

At my right hand above pants pocket I have a modern-day horizontal leather slide-in sheath holding a two-bladed pocketknife called the TL-29. It was my maternal grandfather's from WWII. My mom says he carried this every day of his life, post-war, that she remembers. "There are many like it but this one is mine." When I use it he is with me and helping me. More on the topic of TL-29 if you ask.
EDC TL-29.png
At my 4 o'clock but in easy reach I have a cordura Leatherman sheath made to carry the original Leatherman tool and a follow-on bit-driver kit with bits arrayed in a rubber holder. I bought the driver kit in the '90s for around $25. Today on Ebay, if you can find one, it will be listed for around $300. The Leatherman was my dad's, and whenever I use it he is right there helping me. I removed part of the sheath's inside divider in order to add two items. First is a Craftsman 4" adjustable wrench that was my paternal grandfather's from the '40s/50s. It opens to a little over 1/2". You guessed it -- when I use that he is there helping me to solve life's current challenge. The second add-on item is a Maglight Solitaire flashlight. For decades I carried the incandescent model, but now I carry the LED version. Puts out a Ton of light on a single AAA battery.
EDC Kit Holstered.png
EDC Kit Spread Out.png
These items together have allowed me to solve a multitude of life's daily challenges with just what was on my person.
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