Hobby machine shop

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Jake Parker
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Hobby machine shop

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I have a hobby machine shop in the backyard.
I have built it over the last 8 years to what it is now.
I have lately used it to do hydraulic cylinder repair for my day job as a tractor mechanic .
I have done a little gun smithing as well.
So far the coolest job I have been commissioned to do is mill a plate of steel from the "Battle ship Texas" down from 3/4" thick to 1/8" thick.
The piece was about 12 inches square. It had been cut out for a repair job. The BST foundation wanted to leave the show side corroded as is.
I then had a company in Nacadoches water jet out pentagon stars that were to be inlet into the stocks of custom engraved Henry rifle to commemorate the battle ship "Texas"!
"I'd rather have overkill, than be killed" my quote when building anything.
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Re: Hobby machine shop

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Cool. Machining has always piqued my interest. Now more than ever. I have far too many expensive hobbies as is to dive into another one.
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