knowledge and skills

Introduce yourself. Location, reason you enjoy bushcraft, what brought you here.
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knowledge and skills

Post by AdamsSeth » Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:33 am

Just stumbled upon the forum, I’m not very hi tech, barely can do the Facebook but I thought I would give this a try. I have been practicing woodcraft/bushcraft, wilderness survival, whatever you want to call it my whole life, turning 50 in a few months. I have taught some classes over the years, usually a small group of friends or family and their coworkers, city folk who have no outdoor knowledge whatsoever, it’s been fun and very rewarding. I still get a small class of interested people from time to time and I will teach them the basics of fire (flint and steel, bow drill and ferro rods) where to find natural tinder, how to pitch a basic shelter as well as different shelters from the landscape and how to find and gather water and make it safe to drink.. Knot tying and various applications of hitches and knots, and how to put together a dependable kit using knowledge and skills, without all the latest gadgets and expensive gear and a hefty price tag.
Just wanted to say howdy from Rains County in between the lakes in North East Texas and glad to be here..
Seth Adams

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Re: knowledge and skills

Post by jeffro » Sat Nov 02, 2019 11:54 am

Howdy and welcome from the Rocky Hollow in Georgetown,Texas.
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Re: knowledge and skills

Post by BigJesse » Sat Nov 02, 2019 12:01 pm

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Re: knowledge and skills

Post by YoungBlacksmith » Sun Nov 03, 2019 6:59 am

Hello Seth! Welcome to the fire.

"G.W. Sears would not have tolerated MRE's, that is not what Woodcraft and Camping is all about." - Jeffro

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